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About Us

Probasi is a registered non-profit organization based in Charlotte, NC. Our goals are to provide community service and organize educational and cultural programs in the local area. The main theme of the programs organized by Probasi is to promote awareness of culture and traditions of West Bengal, a province in eastern India that has one of the finest heritages of literature, arts, music, and dance. Each year, Probasi organizes several events that provide opportunities to share and cherish the richness of this heritage through social and cultural events. This includes music, plays, and dance programs from local and visiting artists from India, children’s programs, and traditional religious events. In addition, Probasi makes generous contributions to charitable causes in and around the region. Examples include collection of donations for the 2004 tsunami relief fund, earthquake victims of Gujarat, India (2002), and the hurricane disaster in the Gulf coast. Recently Probasi donated money to Charlotte Mecklenburg public libraries.


Probasi of Charlotte | Bengali Community of Charlotte

Probasi was started more than 30 years ago when a few Charlotte residents belonging to the Bengali community initiated cultural programs to celebrate the culture of India. Today Probasi has more than hundred members from the area. Recently, Probasi has become a registered Non-profit organization in North Carolina. Probasi has close ties with the Hindu Center of Charlotte, which is an organization and home for many charitable and educational activities including education on meditation, yoga, classical music, and a planned home for senior citizens. Further details of Probasi can be found at

To sustain and promote the educational and charitable service, Probasi primarily relies on subscriptions from its members and financial contributions from commercial and corporate agencies. This year, we plan to expand the scope of our services by organizing some specific events that are targeted for raising funds. 


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