Why do you want to join Probasi?


Probasi is a member’s organization and is committed to sustaining and promoting Bengali culture and heritage, supporting the society we live in and reinforcing our future generation with meaningful values. We strive to keep our rich culture and heritage alive through various religious events, social and educational activities and cultural programs throughout the year. We are an extended family that share the same value as you, have the same interest in authentic Indian cuisine, Adda, Politics, Cricket and observe the same festivals you do. We attempt to provide an avenue to our members and their kids to give creative expression to their talent through dance, song and other cultural performances. Our goal is to help each other in this distant land, forge lifelong relationships and have lots and lots of fun all through the year involving our Probasi family.


  • 40+ years in existence. 

  • We have members of all ages, students, IT industry, family, etc. Join us to be part of the family.

  • Share creative ideas. We are fun loving, caring, organized.

  • We are affiliated with Hindu Center of Charlotte & most of our events are organized there including Durga Puja.

  • Come and enjoy 3 days/ nights of unlimited food, fun, entertainment - will feel like বাড়ির পুজো।

  • আসুন , দেখুন , যোগদান করুন  - আপনাদের সকলের আমন্ত্রণ রইলো

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Members can pay online, using credit cards, bank account or paypal account.

  • Yearly membership $25 Bengali year (April '17 till March'18)

  • All other events charges will be published before the event.