Summer Cultural Program/ Noboborsho

Greetings! We all are very excited to present to you this year's Sanskritik Sandhya aka Summer Cultural Program and Noboborsho.. It will be an evening filled with song, dance performances and art exhibition celebrating our culture, as well as authentic Bangaliyana cuisine. The details of the program are given below.



Date: TBD 

As always, event like this will need your unstinting support and engagement to make it meaningful. Please extend your cooperation to our Cultural Committee and Food Committee as they attempt to put-up another fun-filled evening for the Probasi family.

  • Snacks will be served from 5:30 PM. 

  • Art and craft will be displayed throughout the event

  • Cultural Program will start sharp at: 7.00 PM

  • Dinner: Between 9:00PM - 10:00PM 


  • Snacks:

    • TBD

  • Dinner

  • Main Course

    • TBD

  • Dessert

    • TBD

Please visit our Facebook page for information and updates related to Probasi of Charlotte events.

Please visit our Facebook page for information and updates related to Probasi of Charlotte events.

Cultural committee's goal is to be both inclusive (accommodate participation) and also ensure quality programs so that our members’ and audiences’ time is well spent. To accommodate this, the committee will have the final say in the scheduling and inclusion/exclusion of items

  • Art Exhibition: This year we are excited to introduce Art exhibition for all ages to brighten our summer cultural program. Any form of arts is welcome including sketches, painting, craft etc. Please feel free to submit your name for the exhibition which will be displayed on the summer cultural day. The last day of submission of the participant’s names is TBD.


  • Performances should be mostly Bengali themed (Rabindrik, Nazrul Geeti, folk) and classical based or traditional only for other languages. Cultural Committee will need to review and communicate with performers for the final approval.


  • A well-rounded cultural program: Dances, Songs, Recitations, Short plays, Instrumental items are welcome


  • Duration of each item, including dances, songs should be limited to 5 minutes. Any request of extra time may or may not be approved.  

  • Due to brevity of time, mostly group performances will be allowed. A group constitutes of 2 or more participants. Solo performances are allowed only upon cultural committee’s approval. (Approval will be decided based on the past experience and video sample)


  • No performer can participate in more than one performance.


  • The last day of submission of the performance is TBD.


  • All performance music (MP3 version) will need to be verified by the cultural committee. Only submitted music will be used for performance.


  • The sequence of performances may or may not be published ahead of the program date. This is at the discretion of the committees. Any requests for changes to performance times will be reviewed by the cultural committee and it may or may not be possible to accommodate.


  • To be eligible to participate, all participants shall register for the event before registration deadline (registration fee and details will be sent later)