The Bengali Community of Charlotte

We are an Indian American non-profit organization which promotes Cultural, Social, Spiritual and Charitable events connecting Bengali, Indian and American communities. We are the oldest Bengali community in Charlotte, formed 40 years ago.

Our main goal is to foster a spirit of family, friendship, diversity and community between its members through cultural activities, social events, musical gatherings and religious festivals. 

Apart from other Bengali festivals and pujas, like the naboborsho, saraswati Puja, Laxmi Puja, we celebrate the Bengali festival of Durga Puja every year through three days of religious and cultural events at the Vihar Hall at the Hindu Center of Charlotte. We arrange traditional ceremonies, a place for visitors to congregate for worship, and two days of cultural performances, where lunch/dinner is provided, all provided for a fee. The event sees hundreds of visitors from Charlotte and neighboring cities & states like Raleigh and Greensboro, Virgina, South Carolina, Tennessee. Besides the Durga Puja, Probasi Group of  Charlotte organizes various cultural and community events through out the year.

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Dear Probasi Families,

I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and doing well!

These are unprecedented times we are living in right now – none of us have experienced this kind of a devastating pandemic. The news around us is of little comfort and it’s not what we want to see or hear. Yet all of us continue to hope and pray for things to change for the better. We are sure together we will come out of this pandemic, stronger and better prepared.

 As a nonprofit we stand with all the brave men and women who continue to fight every day in the front lines - doctors, nurses, medical professionals, each and every volunteer. We can do our bit too- whether we want to sew masks, donate medical supplies or contribute financially, everything counts.

Your Probasi of Charlotte is proud to contribute and help in the COVID-19 fight. We are contributing $500 to COVID-19 Response Fund which has been formed by Foundation For Carolinas (more information on We will also contribute $150 towards Kolkata Foundation(KF). Currently KF is focusing on funding NGOs like Samaritan Help Mission and Ek Tara who are distributing food and providing medical support to underprivileged families in Kolkata during this COVID crisis.  (more information on

If members want to add their individual contributions you are welcome to do so.

We know all of us are very generous towards our favorite charities. May we suggest some links that accept donations towards this cause:                      

More non-profits can be found on

Thank you

Executive Committee

2020 Events 

The next events are...


  • Probasi Cultural Event - Date and Venue (TBD)

  • Durga Puja 23 - 25 October.

  • Laxmi Puja - 7th November



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