Disclaimer of Liability

Probasi of Charlotte is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. The web site (www.probasi.org) is for the benefit of local Bengali community cultural activity communications.  Almost all of the website pages are available for general viewing over the Internet. Email ID is collected from those who wish to voluntarily share it for purpose of receiving periodic Probasi communications.  In addition, those who wish to have access to member-only secured pages, the same email can be used as the user Id. 

Though we use one of the best service provider for our website, email storage and communication, The Probasi of Charlotte is not liable for information accuracy, or fraudulent use ​of ​membership information obtained by any means. All these documents are proprietary & confidential to probasi.org, By clicking below link you agree to this disclaimer.

About Secured Pages

There are just a few protected page(s) that will be viewable only to current-year-annual-due-paying members of Probasi, Executive committee of probasi.


When you click on a protected page, a login page will appear, please use your current email Id ​ & password you chose during sign up.  The email ID  should be the same you ​confirmed with Probasi for receiving Probasi email communications.

If you have not ​already signed up for access to ​​secured page access, please click the link at the bottom of the login page for one time sign-up. Once you sign up, webmaster will ​ authorize access if your email ID appears on the approved due-paying member list .  You will be notified by email if you been approved​.  You will also be notified ​if your email ID is not  in Probasi's ​ current-year-membership-due-paid list & ​and we will help resolve the issue.

Probasi Documents

* reds are secured documents.